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Take a look at some of the events coming your way!

5 Day Author Academy.jpg
5 Day Author Academy.jpg

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Online 5 Day Author Academy

This intensive course is designed to get you started on publishing your book in just 6 weeks.  

  • Develop the mindset of an author

  • Set the stage and prepare for your writing career

  • Get that first draft done!

  • Learn how to collaborate with other professionals for editing, illustrating, or book cover designs

  • Learn how to self publish or submit your work to a publishing company 

  • VIP get access to recordings, exclusive Q/A sessions, workbook, 1:1 coaching call, and bonus training!

Registration closes 1/5/23

Exclusive Access!

Melanated Reader Bootcamp.jpg

Melanated Reader Bootcamp

The Melanated Reader Bootcamp is designed for children in grades K-8.  

  • Increase fluency

  • Increase comprehension

  • Increase motivation for reading

Registration closes 12/8/23
Melanated Reader Bootcamp.jpg
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